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User experience centered

User experience centered

Easy to use

Unique features allow the adoption of the solution by end-users

You choose: Hidden Mode or Client use*

For standard users, the hidden mode might be the better choice

No training needed, they keep using the original mobile

Calls can be initiated from any applications like Google maps, e-mails, search applications, …

SoLo can work in Background


Battery saving Battery saving:

SoLo does not affect your battery capacity

Special processes have been developed to keep battery usage as low as possible, also in call-back mode where data connection is used



Voice qualityVoice quality:

Voice quality and roaming between antennas are the same as for usual mobile calls 




Automatic switch between operation modes*:

Switching from call-through to call-back when crossing the border

Callbacks are answered by the Client, not by the User



 Benefits for Users:


One number service - it displays the desired number based on user's and/or corporate needs and strategy

Users can call the extension number directly e.g. 7712 (if SoBox is trunked with local PBX)

Users can call direct corporate services like IT support, call-center, ...

Users can participate remotely to longer conference calls in the cheapest way

Users don't have to change their habits

It works worldwide (no action needed by the users)

Users can actively participate to the corporate cost reduction program


User Experience Centric
One Number, Background mode, Battery, Voice Quality, Auto-roaming switch, Worldwide usage...


SIP Clients

One Number

  • You can enable the One Number Concept: Display your fixed number to your contact instead of the mobile one



Background Mode*

  • Initiate a call from contacts, SMS, call lists, Google maps, redial and any apps
  • No training needed, use standard interface



Battery Saving

  • Same battery consumption, with or without Client being in CALLBACK mode



Voice Quality

  • Splitting signaling and voice technology allows the same voice quality and roaming between antennas as usual mobile calls



Auto-Switching National/Roaming*

  • Callback/call-through shall make no difference to users
  • SoLo recognizes your location and switches automatically



Worldwide usage

  • Authentication over GSM (DTMF) or DATA




  • (EN, FR, IT, D, PT, S)




*please refer to feature matrix


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