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SoLo mobile client for Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Basic Integration

SoLo mobile client for Fixed to Mobile Convergence Basic Integration


SoLo mobile client is the application to be installed into mobile devices. It is also the user’s interface, part of our FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) Basic Integration.

This application can be used in DTMF/GSM mode, and directly connects to any DISA (Direct Inward System Access) service embedded in a standard PBX.

This section will cover only FMC Basic Integration features. Please refer to the matrix to see the difference with our full Business Mobile Telephony Management solution.

In the FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) Basic Integration scenario, features available fully depend on local PBX used. Please check security, capability and features available on your PBX directly with its manufacturer.

SoSoftware shall not be responsible for any lack of security, capability or features coming from your PBX. SoSoftware strongly recommends to use a SoBox to guarantee security, capability and all features.
To benefit from all SoLo mobile client features, security and capability, you need to install a SoBox in your company, which is the server part of our full solution, the Business Mobile Telephony Management.

Features of Solo mobile client in the FMC basic integration scenario: 

Call Control:

SoLo can manage all inbound and outbound calls. Thanks to its own LCR (Least Cost Routing table).

SoLo places outbound calls by using the best circuit possible:

Call-through local PBX with DISA by using DTMF technology

Direct call from SIM, as a standard mobile device

White/Black Lists configurable

Emergency numbers

SoLo can control all inbound calls:

Forward conditional and unconditional incoming calls

SoLo call features (depending on mobile OS, please refer to the matrix above):

Intercept all calls allows to place calls from any application like original pad of the mobile, e-mail, SMS, Google maps,... and provides service messages when needed.

Hidden mode works in combination with Intercept all calls. In this case, SoLo mobile client is completely hidden in call-through mode and works in background, transparency mode. Service messages are not provided anymore. With Call-back mode, SoLo mobile client is shown only while call is ringing to provide service messages. 

Replace Phone: allows you to make the usage of SoLo mandatory. Users can't stop SoLo services and your company can control mobile phones like they were desk phones. Very useful to replace DECTs.

Emergency numbers are automatically called directly via SIM

LCR (Least Cost Routing) allows to route calls automatically through SoBox or directly through SIM card. It is based on corporate decisions or set just to send calls via the cheapest circuit.

PBX features:
Call-through, Direct SIM Call based on LCR settings
Forward on/off
Forward on busy or no answer
Direct Voicemail
Redial last number
Personal features (max. 10), editable labels
Call Logs

Feature matrix >>
Please refer to separate Matrix file to understand:

Which features are available for different mobile OSs (Operating system), like BlackBerry, Symbian (Nokia), Android,…

Which SoLo mobile solutions best fits into your company


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