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SoBox server, a part of SoLo mobile solutions

SoBox server a part of SoLo mobile solutions


SoLo mobile solutions has a unique Server/Client architecture

This architecture is the opposite of the usual Client/Server one. This mechanism allows to control the mobile in every condition. All controls are embedded and work locally in the Client.

We’ll give you here a brief overview of some technical specifications of SoBox.

If you are interested in having very detailed information about the SoBox, please fill in the short Info Form on the left and you'll receive access to technical documentation.

SoLo mobile solutions architecture

SoLo mobile solutions architecture

SoBox has very flexible architecture capability and scalability.

SoBox can work in full standalone mode. It can also be connected via front-ending or back-ending to any existing voice infrastructure.

SoBox can work in a cluster environment and may be adapted to any voice design already in place.

SoBox is the controller which allows you to manage your mobile fleet remotely.

One single SoBox can manage up to 5000 users and up to 165 concurrent calls. If you need greater capability, you can connect them in a cluster environment.

We currently provide 3 different SoBox models: Lite – Advanced – Performance

To choose between them, please refer to SoBox data sheet in our download area

SoBox: multi-company administration capability:

You can purchase/enable CALs (Client Access Licence) separately for each company

You can define different administrators for each company

SoBox: multi-level administration capability:

You can define as many different administrators as you need

You can provide different access right levels depending on your corporate policy. For example, you can have full administrator profile and limited access profile for people who only need day-to-day access to move & change basic settings

Services embedded in SoBox:

Mobile Call managerMobile Call Control = Full Mobile-PBX (M-PBX) capability including:

- DTMF (DISA) to use PBX features like Call-through
- DATA to use Call-back capability

Mobile Data control Mobile Data Control = You can define rules to manage mobile data usage separately in your Home Country Mode and in Roaming Mode (abroad), depending on mobile OS

Mobile SMS/MMS managerMobile SMS/MMS Control = You can define a daily quota of SMS/MMS users can send separately for your Home Country Mode and for Roaming Mode (abroad)


Deploying and configuring SoLo mobile client from SoBox:
SoBox deploys SoLo mobile clients, (please refer to SoLo mobile client features and availability), configures them remotely and monitors your mobile fleet remotely.
Thanks to SoBox, you can remotely deploy all SoLo mobile clients into your mobile phone fleet and manage them remotely. You can control mobile calls (Inbound-Outbound), Data usage and define SMS/MMS quotas.
To understand the benefits of SoLo mobile solutions for your company, please refer to BUSINESS MOBILE TELEPHONY MANAGEMENT datasheet.



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