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Remote control of mobile phone fleet 

Remote mobile phones fleet control

Centrally deploy, manage and control your mobile fleet over the air.


Easy to deploy 
Large-scale deploy SoLo mobile client remotely “Over the Air” through any mobile network (2G, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, 3G, HSPDA, HSPDA+, Wi-Fi) all over the world 

Easy to manage 
Configure and control all mobile devices from a centralized point (SoBox) in the company. Activate a new phone immediately all over the world over the air


Deploy over the air

Clients, Licenses, Configurations

SoLo mobile eployed over the air

Remotely configure and control


SoLo remote configure and control


Remotely take action on your fleet of mobile phones 

Avoid hidden costs (support, deployment, training)

High Support efficiency & user satisfaction

Control Voice, Data & SMS/MMS usage

Control mobile devices like DECTs

Increase support efficiency



SIP Clients

Deploy Software into mobiles:

  • Send Mobile Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) 
  • Send mobile configuration Over The Air
  • Activate a new device in a minute, Worldwide
  • Central storage in SoBox of all account credentials AAA (Authentication, Authorization,Accounting)
  • Multi-site management

Connect SoBox to Telco and/or to local PBX:

  • Connection to any existing Infrastructure
  • Any customer PBX and/or any Provider

Manage the solution remotely through SoBox:

  • Create groups and user profiles based on service delivered
  • Update mobile configuration Over The Air
  • Automatically Update Mobile Firmware Over The Air
  • Remote Assistance

Main services available and centrally managed:

  • Call-through/Call-back with automatic selection based on localization of mobile
  • Call Permit / Deny per group and user based on source and destination
  • Routing table based on call source / destination
  • All M-PBX Features such as transfer, conference, forward
  • Force mobile to use SoLo to place calls

Control mobile usage:

  • Log and track all incoming, outgoing calls of mobile devices (CDR) and tune your usage policies



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