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Partner Solutions

Leverage your existing base and increase sales by delivering cutting edge mobility solutions.


SoSoftware has developed a solution 100% PBX-free, mobile-free, operator-free, which means that you can add it to ANY existing environment, without having to change anything.

Sosoftware makes it easy for you to sell and easy for your cutomers to improve efficiency.

We value partnerships that help partners grow their business and take advantage of cutting edge mobility solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

We are constantly looking for new partnerships: commercial, technological, financial. If you feel that we might have mutual interests to develop, please contact us.


Professional Support

At SoSofware, we are ready to support your marketing activities and to give you full support for installations and configurations.


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Why SoSoftware?

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Our Customers

See what they think about our Solutions - Discover how SoLo Mobile has improved collaboration processes, customer service and cost reduction

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Our Partners

See what they think about our Solutions - Learn how SoSoftware Solutions have helped them improve their business

Gianni Colombo, Telerix CEO

"As an integrator, I would like to say that SoLo is the product that has proven to be the most satisfying to approach and win new customers. At the moment, it grants us a position which is not easily comparable by other competitors. Besides increasing our local visibility, it helps us develop our business and win new sectors. The great savings and cutting edge services of SoLo are really appreciated by our customers.", Gianni Colombo, CEO, Telerix Sas, IP Solutions Integrator (Avaya Silver Business Partner, Siemens, Mitel,...), Italy.

Elio Benassi Connectcom CEO

"We've been selling SoLo Mobile Solution since Summer 2007. SoLo has been a big differentiator with competitors, helping us win projects. Solo allows us GSM integration at a very good price. During the pre-sale step, we propose ROI calculators that help us convince our customers. And, with SoSoftware, we have a very flexible partner that makes it possible to customize integration projects to our customers needs. About 80% of our projects include Solo, and if not now, it is planned for a near future.", Elio Benassi, Sales Manager,ConnectCom Networks SA, IP Solutions Integrator (Avaya Gold Business Partner, Cisco, Swisscom,...), Switzerland



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