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March 2011: New release (7) of SoLo mobile solutions allowing: Data, SMS/MMS control, making SoLo the world's first solution to allow remote and centralized deployment and management of mobile device fleets, the control of Voice, Data, SMS/MMS. The solution works in every situation and is very easy to use.

March 2011: SoSoftware strengthens its presence on the French market with the creation of Sauhu, the official SoSoftware distributor for France.

Jan. 2011: SoLo mobile solutions overcomes the problem of mobile telephony fragmentation, offering the world's first "PBX-free, operator-free, mobile-free", solution that really works - i.e. without any voice quality deterioration, being simple tu use with no codes to learn. More info >>


Sept. 2010: SoSoftware announces its 100th Business Partner worldwide. Business partners now cover more than 20 countries worldwide (April 2011 update: we now have over 150 partners in more than 30 countries)

Sept. 2010: SoLo mobile solutions goes multinational, allowing large scale remote deployments thanks to the SoBox

April 2010: Release of the SoLo mobile client for Android

March 2010: SoLo mobile solutions becomes a full standalone solution, independent from the company's infrastructure

Feb. 2010: Avaya recommends SoLo (client|DTMF) worldwide for Avaya One-X Mobile (IP Office and EC-500 Communication Manager)

Dec. 2009: Release of call-back technology, allowing roaming cost reductions (until then, cost reductions were effective only in the "home country")


July 2009: Release of SoLo mobile client for BlackBerry

June 2009: SoSoftware presented SoLo mobile solutions at ITU Telecom World 2009, Geneva, 5-9 October, supported and showcased by Geneva Lake Region as a Swiss highly innovative company in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry

Only held every few years, ITU TELECOM WORLD is an unrivalled event for the global Telecommunication and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. Forward-looking, ITU Telecom World 2009 attracts stakeholders from across the sector and around the world for a truly global, world-class event and networking platform. To address shared global challenges in today’s information society, ITU Telecom World 2009 incorporates thematic elements to highlight the reach and role of telecommunications and ICT in areas of societal change such as the digital divide, climate change, and disaster relief. With its focus on development opportunities, the event brings together corporate social responsibility and displays cases of best practices. 

Read more about the Event program and AlpICT, which is supporting SoSoftware at Telecom 2009

Read more about ITU Telecom World 2009 (official site)


March 2009: SoLo Mobile Solution has been selected for the Zapping Start-Ups event at LeMobile2.0 in Paris, a European Conference about mobile trends in Europe. 27 start-ups were selected from 100 participants from all over Europe. Every selected company had 8 minutes to present its project

More about LeMobile20: (French) (English)
Brief summary: the mobile phone market is highly fragmented: multi-mobile phone manufacturers with different platforms (Nokia, i-Phone, Google Android..), multi-carriers. This makes it almost impossible at the moment to find a horinzontal solution. Niche markets have to be selected first.
Many innovations go into the direction of geo-location, integration of social networks, widgets and applications.
Major French carriers have developed programs to help innovative companies and find new segments/offers to deliver.
More info about mobile trends discussed in Paris here (Thomas Husson, Senior Analyst Forrester, long interview in French) 

Other information sources on mobility trends: 

The future of the internet and computing applications is not going to be in the home or at the office; it's going to be mobile , Nigel Clifford, Symbian

The trend is now about the software and services on the mobile phones (Microsoft and Google… and SoSoftware!) 


September 2008: New Release: Solo 5, with new technology enabling more user-friendly features, increased cost-reduction (national and international mobile calls, and roaming costs), and increased productivity with easy to use mobile services 

The number of Hotels using SoHo increases

SoLo, software solutions embedded on mobile phones offering full mobility to corporate employees (ONE BUSINESS NUMBER + PBX functions) is in line with the global trend: Trends from Barcelona 

At LIFT08, many speakers emphasized the fact that the trend is about integrating services on mobile phones. See all videos here

February 2008: Agreement with COLT to sell SoLo in Switzerland. A winning factor over Avaya IP Office competitors

January 2008: 1000 people use SoLo on their mobile phone in their everyday life

About 15 hotels/SMI (Socio-medical institutes) successfully use SoHo

Since SoLo's launch in June 2007 in Switzerland, Connectcom (IP Solution Integrator) has doubled its revenue with 90% from new customers! SoLo's estensive feature set was the decisive factor for 80% of costumers when reviewing against competitive offers.

January 2008: Launch of a full-software solution with new features: SoLo 4.0


December 2007: International presence: Italy, the UK, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Turkey…

January 2007: SoSoftware founded


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