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SoLo mobile solutions

A Business Mobile Telephony Management Solution

Business Mobile Telephony Management - Full UC

SoLo mobile solutions is a solution extending FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) and Unified Communications to Mobile phones/Smartphone/Tablet PCs, making the communication process and its management easier.

It's the ideal solution for:

Remote management of a fleet of mobile phones

DECT replacement

Cost reduction, including roaming costs

Control of Voice, Data, SMS/MMS usage

Call logs and traceability

With SoLo mobile solutions, your company will increase business efficiency and continuity through a performant management of mobile telephony issues: remotely deploy applications and manage your mobile fleet over the air, cut roaming costs, control the usage and costs of Voice, Data, SMS/MMS, extend PBX features to guarantee a transparent business continuity and better reachability of your colleagues.

SoLo mobile solutions is a unique mix of FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence), unified communications and mobile device management.

SoSoftware’s vision is to provide companies with a solution that makes it easy for them to reap benefits from mobile usage. Easy to use, easy to manage and easy to improve efficiency.

In order to bring this vision to life, SoSoftware is overcoming the fragmentation in the mobile industry, with a solution « PBX-free, operator-free and mobile-free ». This means that your company can benefit from the advantages of SoLo without any changes in its existing infrastructure.

SoLo mobile solutions consists of 5 main pillars, which will make it easy for you to find out your benefits.

Learn how to increase your global communication efficiency without changing your existing infrastructure and operator.


SoLo mobile solutions: architecture client/serveur


SoLo mobile client pour BMTM

SoLo mobile client

Solo mobile client for BMTM more in depth >>

SoBox serveur

SoBox server

SoBox more in depth >>



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