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Unique Benefits with SoLo mobile solutions

Unique benefits with SoLo mobile solutions

Main benefits

Infrastructure Free

Keep your voice infrastructure and optimize it

Operator Free

Keep your current Telco

Easy to deploy

Large-scale Deploy SoLo mobile client “Over the Air” (FOTA) through any mobile networks (2G, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, 3G, HSPDA, HSPDA+, Wi-Fi) all over the world

Easy to manage

Configure and control all mobile devices from a centralized point (SoBox) in the company. Activate a new phone remotely immediately all over the world

Call records and traceability (CDR)

Easy to save money

Cut call costs in your home country

You will pay fixed-line costs instead of mobile ones*. Calls from mobile are automatically placed through SoBox or corporate PBX to optimize circuits used (call-through/call-back from SoBox).         *depending on your mobile operator agreement. 

Cut call costs in Roaming (Abroad) Mode

In Roaming Mode, the mobile switches automatically to call-back mode. Thanks to this technology, the company will pay Roaming-In costs instead of Roaming-Out.

Control DATA consumption

You can control the Data consumption separately in Home Country Mode and in Roaming Mode (abroad).

Control SMS-MMS quota

You can control SMS/MMS quota separately in Home Country Mode and in Roaming Mode (abroad).

Easy to use

SoLo mobile client works in Background Mode, users' training becomes unnecessary. Users can place calls from any application in the mobile (including Bluetooth car mode). The mobile switches automatically from Home (H) to Roaming (R) mode without any action from the user.

Easy to collaborate

PBX features in mobile phones (Like transfer, conference, forward, DND,…)

You can modify and decide the number displayed to the destination. (e.g. One number or service number)

Call your colleagues directly by using their extension (e.g. 752 even when your colleague does not have a direct external number).

Easy to improve service and save money

For companies that would like to replace DECT phones with new mobile phones (GSM/CDMA/...), and provide users with standard mobile coverage instead of limited company area coverage

Easy to improve collaboration & processes

For companies that need to replace (or mask) the mobile phone number displayed to the destination with a chosen company number, (e.g. One number for Fixed line + mobile for commercial people, or service number for technicians)


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